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Hi, I’m Tess, aka Mama T!

I am a wife and mother of two young children (and two dogs). After studying the culinary arts and researching natural remedies, I started making my own elderberry syrup several years ago! I make it in a commercial kitchen using organic ingredients and Texas-local, raw honey.


Lots of people ask me how I got started with elderberry syrup. Well, I found out about elderberry syrup when I was expecting my first child. I had a bad sinus infection and was looking for natural remedies that I could use during pregnancy. During my search, I came across elderberry syrup. I bought some at the store and it really helped me get better, however it was expensive, did not taste very good, and I was not a fan of some of the ingredients (preservatives and sugar).


So, my husband then suggested that I try to make it myself! After experimenting with recipes for a little while, I finally loved the taste, had the ingredients I wanted, and the rest is history!


Shortly after, friends and family started asking for some… then neighbors… then mom groups, and so on. I decided to get licensed, began making it in the commercial kitchen, and now I am selling it locally and online. I am in several stores and attend market events in hopes to share my knowledge and this miracle elixir with everyone!

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Prosper, Texas

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